How to Not-Wok Roast Peanuts

When I was making the Tofu "Bamboo", Celery & Carrot salad, and wanted some roasty toasty peanuts in the mix, it was one of those days where you fully and adamantly think "Ain't nobody got time for that," even though you never talk like that nor will you ever be sassy enough to, but you really mean it, you know?

So I figured out a cheat's way to wok-roast peanuts, minus the standing over wok over an open flame scooping and tossing peanuts over and over and over for 20 non-negotiable minutes.

It's this easy:

  1. Pre-heat toaster oven or conventional oven to 160*C, no fan.
  2. Lay the small skin-on peanuts in a flat layer on a baking tray.
  3. Slide into oven, set timer to 10 minutes.
  4. Timer chimes, remove tray from oven, place on a raised rack or stove top and let it cool completely to room temperature.
  5. If you like them glossy, toss in a few drops of vegetable oil.
  6. Use and keep extras in a sealed plastic bag for 3 months.

Rejoice in those 20 minutes gained.