Christmas 2014

I have an AMAZING idea for Christmas with friends (those of us stuck in Beijing while many others are abroad with family), which Miranda and I planned today rather last-minutely with nothing but dreams of holiday cheer and a yearning for Christmas ham, chocolate pecan pie, rosemary polenta chips and not much else.

And it's this:

 Background image: Bon Appétit

Background image: Bon Appétit

A perfect solution for fabulous, low-budget, bountiful and interactive gatherings, with a Scandinavian theme that makes cold weather seem strangely cosy.

I can't wait to take photos on the day. Prizes and non-tangible bonus points will go to whoever makes the most creative smørrebrød (will we, maybe, get laoganma Chinese chili sauce involved?) and who can locate a jar of pickled herring in all of Beijing.